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Copyright Notice

The physical location and online presence of BarnDawg Store constitute a unique and proprietary concept that encompasses distinctive elements in its design, layout, presentation, and overall atmosphere. This uniqueness is protected by intellectual property laws.

The concept extends to countries within the Berne Convention, safeguarding the BarnDawg Store name, as well as the unique idea of exclusively selling building brick toys, including sets, minifigures and parts from various building brick brands. The distinctive nature of the store comprises a physical front featuring a variety of products and interactive atmosphere while the back houses our physical inventory of sorted parts and pieces. Purchases can be made in-store for amounts as minimal as £0.01. The unique ability to trade products for either store credit or existing stock further contribute to the uniqueness of the concept.

Additionally, the integration of the online store with the physical store, and the collection of various brands beyond LEGO, further contribute to the uniqueness of the concept.

Any attempt to replicate, imitate, or reproduce the distinctive features of BarnDawg Store, either in part or in full, is strictly prohibited. This includes the store layout, design elements, and business concept.

BarnDawg Store reserves the right to take legal action against individuals, entities, or businesses worldwide found infringing upon these rights. 

For inquiries or permission requests related to the use or reproduction of BarnDawg Store's unique concept, please contact:

BarnDawg Store
48 Market Place, Long Eaton


As of 18th of March, 2023

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