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1. We accept unopened, partially opened, and used LEGO sets, as well as LEGO minifigures. You can contact us through our social media channels, our website chat or bring your items into the store to receive an offer.

2. We normally do not accept bulk LEGO -  the days we accept bulk will be announced on our social channels a few times a year. 

3. We do NOT accept entire collections - please do not contact us if you have thousands of pounds worth of Lego that you'd like to pass on... however, donations are always welcomed  ;)

4. We always offer store credit and immediate exchange for the items currently in our stock, including the BrickLink and eBay stock.

5. If you are not interested in store-credit and would prefer payment for your items through PayPal - we can get back to you and let you know if we are interested and able to purchase your items.

6. We pay sellers only via PayPal, with no cash or card transfers offered. Payment will be made immediately upon the agreement of sale and exchange of goods.

7. If you bring your LEGO into the store to be assessed please note that if the store is busy, we may not be able to attend to LEGO sellers immediately especially if you have a large amount of items. In such cases, sellers may need to come back when the store is less busy or leave their items with us until we reach out with the offer (takes one to three days).  

8. We reserve the right to refuse to accept your LEGO if it does not meet our standards of quality or if we are not interested in purchasing the items you offer.

9. The amount we offer will depend on the condition, completeness, and demand for your LEGO items. We offer 10% more for your items in store credit versus PayPal payments.

Here is a general guide on how much you can expect for your items if it's a PayPal payment:

9.1) For Brand-New (Never-Opened sets) we offer 70% of the Average Selling Price for the past 6 months (ASP) depending on quality of the box.

9.2) For new, unopened sets with very damaged boxes or opened boxes with all the bags and pieces present and intact, we can offer 60% of ASP.

9.3) For sets with boxes or partially opened and built sets, or for used sets in like-new condition we can offer up to 55% of ASP.

9.4) For used sets without boxes but in good condition, we offer about 50% of ASP.

9.5) We could offer £6 - £8 per kg for bulk mixed LEGO based on the condition of the bricks (please note that there'll be only a few days in a year when we would accept bulk). The amount can be lower than £6 per kg if it's not all genuine LEGO. 

9.6) We'd offer between 50% to 70% of ASP for minifigures based on their condition.

10. For used sets, we require that at least all original instruction manuals are present (and in good condition) and the sets are either assembled or disassembled, but kept together in a bag or box (the value of the set is higher if the original box is present with it). If these requirements are not met, the sets will be classified as bulk bricks which we will not accept.

11. We regret that we cannot offer any compensation for fake, discoloured, broken, dented, or heavily scratched LEGO parts. 

12. Please be advised that every trade is final, and you are unable to repurchase your LEGO at the same price you sold it to us.

13. We do not engage in negotiations for the items we purchase.

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